Strategy Marketing at Work

At Strategic Marketing Consultants (SMC) we are involved in either assessing marketing positions or implementing a marketing plan as a result of an assessment already having been undertaken by our clients or by us.

Marketing Assessment

A Marketing Assessment is a research exercise which takes a “no-nonsense” look at the current position of a company, brand or market at a particular time. At SMC we use primary research (mainly one to one interviews) secondary research (published information). We use some academic models if appropriate, we also use a SWOT analysis but normally the main focus is on the 7 P’s of the Marketing Mix. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process. Over the last 20 years through my company, I have undertaken a large number of marketing assessments for clients who simply need to know where they are or want to develop something new.

Why Conduct a Marketing Assessment?

The answer is simple! Your success in your market depends to a great extent on how good your marketing strategy is and how well you have prepared your objectives. Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing pressures of competition in today’s marketplace, strategies and marketing plans need to be constantly reviewed and revised. Sometimes competitors activity or changes in market demands create circumstances where your existing marketing strategies will need to significantly alter if your or to maintain your competitive edge.

A marketing Assessment gives you a quick, easy to read, profile of where your business is positioned at any time. People often say …..” but we can do our own marketing assessment ourselves ” ….. of course you can”! But how feasible is this?

How objective will it be? Will you be able to make time to do this exercise thoroughly when you have so many other demands on your time?

Marketing Problem – Implementation Project

Often clients can approach us with a Marketing problem that they have already identified and ask us merely to implement. Strategic Marketing helps you develop the Marketing Plan with our client and then implement it over an agreed timescale. We have worked in 24 industry sectors over the last 20 years mainly in Ireland and the UK and the Middle East.