Human Resources

We are highly successful HR Consultants who can enable you to equip your company or organisation with leading HR Management practices. Our goal is to empower your organisation by providing you with the best HR knowledge and experience. We offer you HR services tailor-made to your company’s needs as we understand that all companies have unique requirements.

What we offer:

At SMC HR we help companies and organisations in their delivery of their HR Management strategies.

Interim HR consultants:

You can receive our HR services on an interim basis. We will offer you professional HR Consultants, who will be able to assist you during significant projects for short term periods.

Reviewing your employment contracts:

We supervise your employment contracts and advise you how you can introduce improvements to these.

Creating HR policies:

Together with the HR management team, we devise innovative HR policies and procedures. Such policies can help your company increase profits.

Developing employee handbooks:

An Employee handbook is a document that acts as a communication bridge between your organisation and your employees. We provide useful suggestions for preparing and improving your employee handbook. We review the handbook and help you develop the policy guidelines.

Designing performance management programmes:

We assist you in documenting effective performance management programmes for your organisation, keeping in mind your company’s objectives. We help you to implement the programmes successfully and enable their successful evaluation too.

Designing a competency framework to support recruitment, selection and promotion:

We let you absorb the most talented candidates, thanks to our excellent recruitment process. Our professional HR Consultants will ensure that your organisation recruits the best employees and supports promotion of the right employees.

Competency-based interviewing:

Our HR Consultants conduct very focused interviews which are based on the competencies and skills required by the organisation. This increases the probability of hiring the strongest of talents by effective filtering and pooling of the best human resources.

Provide advice on employment laws and best HR practices:

We make sure that your company is compliant with employment law. Our organisation identifies non-compliance and can advise and mediate with internal grievances and disputes. This helps to create a healthy work atmosphere.

Psychometric testing:

We provide special recruitment services for marketing and sales professionals. This will ensure that you have selected the most appropriate candidates for the success of your business or organisation.

Offering market research:

We know that you require the very best employees. We can use a variety of psychometric testing procedures to support you in recruiting the most suitable employees to suit your company or organisational culture. We can also provide you with a variety of psychometric assessment tools which can help you to support and develop your existing employees.

Human resource management is an essential component of every organisation today. As HR Managers move from traditional administration and transactional roles our experienced HR Management professionals provide expertise and support in order to add value to the strategic direction of the organisation. Our organisation is more than two decades old and caters for clients based in Ireland and UK.