How PRO SEO Improved our Online Presence

At Strategic Ireland, we are highly experienced Marketing Consultants. As a larger scaled company, we knew there was no denying that SEO marketing was necessary for our business success. For our company to run effectively and to become a solid business we knew we needed to improve our Online Presence. We had initially tried to implement SEO in our business ourselves, but this was not successful for us. As a group, we decided to do our Research online and search for the best and the leading SEO company in Ireland. This is when we came across Pro SEO. They were ranked number one in Ireland and were a highly successful company and they were known as the leading Digital Marketing company in Ireland. We knew what we wanted for our company, so we went ahead with SEO with Pro SEO. We knew it would be a viable solution for our business in the long term. We have been working with Pro SEO for a few years now and the results we have achieved have been amazing. In this Blog, I am outlining and explaining how Pro SEO improved our Online Presence.

What is an Online Presence? 

Online Presence simply means the sum of your interactions and actions online that will result in how your existing and potential customers find and evaluate you on the web. This includes social media, websites, and any other pages that come up with your business name while been searched through search engines like Google. No matter what size of a business you have, no matter what goods or services you are selling, having a strong, focused, and a relevant online presence is crucial to the running of your business. Your online presence is your sales driving force. Having Online presence will reinforce your brand and what you offer to your target market. Your online presence has huge potential to retain and attract interested customers and prospects to your online channels. As it doesn’t happen overnight so therefore it is an essential long-term plan.

Having a professional website is important 

Make sure you have a professional website built for your company. No matter what size of a business you have small or big you should always have a website. It should be well designed and highlight your professionalism and quality. This is the first step in launching your online presence. It can be a very basic website and should also be mobile friendly. Many web searchers do their research via their mobile phones rather than a desktop or laptop. A study has shown, as of October 2016, mobile searches surpassed any performance on a desktop and it is still growing.

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important for your business 

For any Online business, SEO is an essential component for the running of your business. Once you have a website set up this can be implemented into your business. SEO simply means a technique that is performed to help search engines find your website and list it in their organic searches rather than paid results. The goal is to increase traffic to your website which can be achieved once you rank higher in search engine pages. A recent fact, 89% of consumers will use search engines like google to research a service, product, or business before they make any decision. SEO will help create leads to your website, boost your brand, and help you succeed by generating sales and revenue.

You should be active on Social Media 

The use of Social Media plays an important part in your online presence. It helps improve and offers a chance of generating extra revenue and help build the loyalty of customers. It is a highly effective way to improve visibility and help you to reach out to potential new customers. All existing customers and potential new customers can engage a lot easier with you by using social media channels which would play a role in a lot of people’s lives now a day’s. The main social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they serve a great purpose to almost any business. Social media is a great place to advertise your products and services, photos, or answer any questions people may have. The most interesting and engaging information you have, the more followers or likes you will receive.

The results that PRO SEO achieved

For the keyword “Marketing Consultants” in the beginning, we were not ranked in the top 100, we are now ranking number 6 for this keyword on the first page of Google. This is outstanding work to us by are astonished and grateful for the results we have achieved to get our business going. Pro SEO exceeded our expectations for their dedication, reliability, and professionalism. We would highly recommend them to any other business, family, and friends.