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Strategic Marketing Consultants (SMC) is an acclaimed marketing consultancy company. We develop and implement a Marketing Strategy for our clients who are based in Ireland and the UK. Our aim is to provide a unique marketing strategy which produces results and maximizes profits for our clients! We do this while supporting your existing arrangements and giving you the best marketing plan that is possible.


Our services include:

Providing Internet Marketing Strategies

All businesses need an Internet Marketing Strategy. This can increase sales and grow a business significantly. The key is having the right mix of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) social media and pay per click. We start with a FREE SEO website analysis. We then recommend the best suited SEO to be carried out for your website. Our aim is to put your website is to put you on the first page of Google for the keywords that are directly related to your website. This will bring you the business and ROI (return on investment) you have always wanted.


Once you are where we want to be on Google we can support you with an extensive SEO Maintenance plan. We do this by monitoring your website progress. We tweak your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the search engines change their algorithms like Google who can have up to three changes per month. You will receive SEO reports weekly & Monthly on your SEO Campaigns progress.


Here is a sample of a multi-faceted internet marketing strategy.

  • Create social media accounts and assign someone to launch interesting material every day.
  • Update these social media accounts and blogs regularly.
  • Write SEO articles that include popular keywords related to your products.
  • Offer great tips or advice on your products.
  • Collect email addresses from people you have worked and communicated with.
  • Create videos of people using your product or vouching for it.
  • Put these videos up on your web.


Strategic analysis:

Our strategic analysis will not only enable you to identify where you company or organisation is positioned at present but it will also propose what you can do to grow your business in the future with a positive Marketing Strategy.

Marketing assessments:

We provide detailed assessments on companies, brands, products and markets.

Developing Marketing Strategy

We develop innovative marketing strategies and marketing plans for new as well as existing businesses. These marketing strategies will help you increase your revenues and attract your target customers more easily.

Offering market research:

Our company offers you both qualitative and quantitative market research. Our qualitative research includes primary and secondary research as well as desk and field research.

Corporate image analysis:

We develop new identities for companies and organisations. We will also support your advertising, public relations, development of your website, e-technology, literature, premises and choice of apparel.

Market development:

We assist in the Market Development of new strategies and plans for existing, new and emerging markets.

New product development:

We support companies and organisations in the process, from concept stage to its final launch. We offer guidelines to companies in the re-launch and re-positioning of existing products.

Overseas market development:

We create policies and initiate development for overseas Market Development of your company. We have experience in developing successful markets in UK, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and the United States.

Provide recruitment:

We provide special recruitment services for marketing and sales professionals. This will ensure that you have selected the most appropriate candidates for the success of your business or organisation.

Problem analysis:

We work with companies in solving their marketing and sales problems, for example, poor sales, lack of growth or an inability to expand a business.Contact us immediately if you are looking for a marketing strategy for your business. We know our outstanding marketing experience can maximize your profits and increase your business or organisation. We create and implement marketing plans and policies that produce results.

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