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We are specialist strategic Marketing Consultants established in 1992 whose purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their business objectives through Marketing Strategy & Human Resources. We work with a wide range of clients in Ireland and the UK. We aim to help all businesses whether they are currently thriving and want to improve or new businesses. We have the professional solution for all your needs.

Marketing Consultants

The key to helping
our clients is through

  • 01]  Developing Marketing Strategy & Human Resources Strategies that work.
  • 02]  Implementing Marketing & Human Resources Strategies that deliver results.

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Marketing Strategy Experts

Every company or organisation needs a Marketing Strategy. You may ask what is a Marketing Strategy? It is a comprehensive plan that positions the marketing of your products or services in the right way. It correctly positions you to give the right message to the market. This strategy combines all of the marketing goals and objectives into one comprehensive plan. It is based on solid market research and understanding of the market. The marketing plan will include a SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Marketing Mix Analysis (the 7 P’s) and other models, for example, Porter’s Five Forces. It will ultimately have a USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business.


Business Development Marketing Advisers

At Strategic Marketing Consultants we don’t focus on the tactics, for example building the website, focusing on digital media or sending e-brochures. These are important but only if your strategy is correct. Working with us to develop the right marketing strategy will help you not only decide the right tactics to use but how to use these tactics in the right way. Your success will come from the whole Marketing Process that we bring you through You may ask will it work? There are no guarantees that a market will always happen but our track record of success across 24 Industry Sectors speaks for itself.



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